J1939 Documentation
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J1939 Protocol Stack

This is the documentation for the SAE J1939 (FD) protocol stack, developed by MicroControl GmbH & Co. KG.

The Society of Automotive Engineers standard SAE J1939 is the vehicle bus recommended practice used for communication and diagnostics among vehicle components. Originating in the car and heavy-duty truck industry in the United States, it is now widely used in other applications.

SAE J1939 is used in the commercial vehicle area for communication throughout the vehicle, with the physical layer defined in ISO 11898. A different physical layer is used between the tractor and trailer, specified in ISO 11992.


The J1939 stack runs on top of the CANpie FD hardware abstraction layer. The CANopen (FD) Slave and CANopen (FD) Master protocol stacks can run in parallel on the same hardware platform.

Overview of the documentation

The J1939 API overview gives a detailed description to the functions of the protocol stack. The examples section explains sample code that is provided with the J1939 protocol stack.

First steps to use the J1939 protocol stack are explained inside the Getting started section.